FY2024 DOA Organizational Circulars


DOA Org Cir 2024-026: Cut off Dates for Transition to the New Financial Management System FMIS

DOA Org Cir 2024-025B: Implementation Guidance

DOA Org Cir 2024-025A: Request for Employee Assignment of Roles to Access eHRP Web System

DOA Org Cir 2024-025: Automated GG-1 Tracking Implementation

DOA Org Cir 2024-024: Accounting Process for Obligations

DOA Org Cir 2024-023: pending

DOA Org Cir 2024-022: pending

DOA Org Cir 2024-021: FY 2024 Group Health Insurance – Re: Preventive Medication

DOA Org Cir 2024-020: Employees and Contract Workers

DOA Org Cir 2024-019: Acting Chief Procurement Officer (AQ Jan01-Jan31)

DOA Org Cir 2024-018: Submission of Documents Relative to Competitive Sealed Bids Procurement Process

DOA Org Cir 2024-017: Autonomous and Non-Autonomous Age Banded Increase

DOA Org Cir 2024-016: All Employees Age Banded Increase

DOA Org Cir 2024-015: pending

DOA Org Cir 2024-014: pending

DOA Org Cir 2024-013: Revenues in Excess of Adopted Levels

DOA Org Cir 2024-012: Exempt and Non-Exempt Employees

DOA Org Cir 2024-011: Mandatory User Training: GG-1 Creation and Tracking module

DOA Org Cir 2024-010: Acting Chief Procurement Officer (AQ Nov16-Dec31)

DOA Org Cir 2024-009: Government of Guam Health Insurance Program Medical and Dental

DOA Org Cir 2024-008: Government of Guam Self-Insured Group Health Insurance Program

DOA Org Cir 2024-007: Training-Needs-Assessment-Survey

DOA Org Cir 2024-006: Motor Vehicle Registration Program MVR Fuel Purchase Card Program

DOA Org Cir 2024-005: CANCELLED

DOA Org Cir 2024-004: Federal Government Shutdown

DOA Org Cir 2024-004: Acting Chief Procurement Officer (JM Oct25-Nov30)

DOA Org Cir 2024-003: Acting Chief Procurement Officer (JM Oct19-20)

DOA Org Cir 2024-002: Transamerica Employee Benefits

DOA Org Cir 2024-001: NetCare Life Insurance Marketing