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DOA Organizational Circulars

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DOA Organizational Circulars

FY2021 DOA Organizational Circulars

DOA Org Cir 2021-028: GHI OE with rates

DOA Org Cir 2021-027: Mandatory Vaccination

DOA Org Cir 2021-026: Requirement of Vaccinations EO 2021-17

DOA Org Cir 2021-025A: Requirement of GovGuam Executive Line Agency Employees to Get Vaccinated per EO 2021-17 (Technical Update)

DOA Org Cir 2021-025: Requirement of GovGuam Executive Line Agency Employees to Get Vaccinated per EO 2021-17

DOA Org Cir 2021-024: Guam Minimum Wage Increase (2nd Tier)

DOA Org Cir 2021-023: Closing of FY2021 Opening of FY2022

DOA Org Cir 2021-022: FY2022 Group Health Insurance (GHI)

DOA Org Cir 2021-021: FY22 Group Health Insurance Open Enrollment with Rates

DOA Org Cir 2021-020: Compliance with Federal Law (USPL#94-519)

DOA Org Cir 2021-019: Group Life Insurance 2021-07-16

DOA Org Cir 2021-018: Group Life Insurance eff 2021-07-31

DOA Org Cir 2021-017: GHI Enrollment

DOA Org Cir 2021-016: FEMA Reimbursement

DOA Org Cir 2021-015: Drug-Free Program JV

DOA Org Cir 2021-014: Leave of Absence Requests (COVID-19 Pandemic)

DOA Org Cir 2021-012: Updated Marketing Listing

DOA Org Cir 2021-011: Federal Financial Reports

DOA Org Cir 2021-010: Submission of Invoices

DOA Org Cir 2021-009: Standard Time sheet

DOA Org Cir 2021-008: COVID-19 Vaccine Administration to GovGu Employees (with attachments)

DOA Org Cir 2021-007: Extension of CRF Funds

DOA Org Cir 2021-006: Ext of Detail Appts (Line Agencies)

DOA Org Cir 2021-005: Ext of Detail Appts (Autonomous)

DOA Org Cir 2021-004: SIC - Line Agencies

DOA Org Cir 2021-003: SIC Autonomous Agencies

DOA Org Cir 2021-002: AFLAC

DOA Org Cir 2021-001: Admin Leave to Vote or Serve as Precinct Board Member 10-30-2020

FY2020 DOA Organizational Circulars

FY2019 DOA Organizational Circulars

FY2018 DOA Organizational Circulars

FY2012-FY2017 DOA Organizational Circulars

FY2011 & Prior DOA Organizational Circulars