Gov Guam Directory
Governor of Guam

Lieutenant Governor of Guam

Guam Legislature

Guam Judiciary

A.B. Won Pat International Airport Authority

Bureau of Budget & Management Research

Office of Technology

Bureau of Statistics and Plans

Civil Service Commission

Congresswoman Bordallo

Department of Administration

Department of Agriculture

Department of Chamorro Affairs

Department of Corrections

Department of Integrated Services for Individuals with Disabilities (DISID)

Department of Labor/AHRD

Department of Land Management

Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse – PEACE Office

Department of Military Affairs

Department of Parks and Recreation

Department of Public Health & Social Services

Department of Public Works

Department of Revenue & Taxation

Department of Youth Affairs

DPW – Solid Waste Management

Guam Ancestral Lands Commission

Guam Board of Accountancy 

Guam Board of Professional Engineer, Architects and Land Surveyors  

Guam Commission for Educator Certification

Guam Community College

Guam Contractors License Board

Guam Council on the Arts & Humanity (CAHA)

Guam Customs and Quarantine Agency

Guam Developmental Disabilities Council

Guam Economic Development and Commerce Authority

Guam Educational Telecommunication Corporation (KGTF)

Guam Election Commission (GEC)

Guam Energy Office

Guam Environmental Protection Agency

Guam Fire Department

Government of Guam Retirement Fund

Guam Homeland Security/Office of Civil Defense

Guam Housing Corporation (GHC)

Guam Housing & Urban Renewal Authority

Guam Medical Referral Office

Guam Memorial Hospital Authority

Guam Police Department

Guam Power Authority

Guam Preservation Trust 

Guam Public Library System

Guam Public School System

Guam Public Utilities Commission

Guam Recovery Office

Guam Regional Transit Authority

Guam State Clearinghouse

Guam Visitors Bureau 

Guam Waterworks Authority (GWA)

Hagatna Restoration & Redevelopment Authority

Mayor’s Council of Guam   

Office of the Attorney General

Office of the Chief Medical Examiner

Office of the Public Auditor

Port Authority of Guam (PAG)

Public Defender Service Corporation

University of Guam

Veteran’s Affairs Office