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The Recruitment Branch is responsible for planning and coordinating recruitment activities consisting of the posting of job announcements for non-autonomous departments and agencies, receiving and evaluating job applications, establishing “Lists of Eligibles”, notifying applicants of rating results, certifying applicants for interview to departments and agencies, processing Requests for Personnel Actions (GG-1’s), recording and maintaining recruitment records and updating and reporting of Equal Employment Opportunity data.


Filling Positions in the Government: The Department of Administration’s responsibility is to carry out activities necessary to support the operation of a merit-based personnel system consistent with the Personnel Rules and Regulations, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission laws and the provisions of Title 4 of the Guam Code Annotated pertaining to employment.  The Recruitment process begins with each agency/department submitting their vacancy to the Bureau of Budget and Management Research (BBMR) to approve funding.  Once funding has been identified, the Department of Administration- Recruitment Branch will announce the job for a minimum of ten days.

Accepting and Reviewing Applications: Applicants must submit their employment application during the job announcement period and to attach their educational credentials, including additional documents as required by the position.  All positions have a minimum requirement, which are intended to identify the best qualified candidates for particular positions, or otherwise substitute for a comprehensive assessment of job qualifications. Applicants who satisfy minimum requirements are not automatically entitled to a qualifying score of 70 or more points, out of 100, in an assessment process that uses a numerical rating procedure. Once the rating process is complete, a Notice or Rating will be mailed to each applicant.

Certification of Eligibles and Selection Process: A Certification of Eligibles is prepared in the order of their final earned rating, starting with the highest.  A certification list is based on the number of funded vacancies.  The hiring agency/department will conduct interviews and make a selection. Applicants’ ratings with the higher score generally have a better opportunity to be interviewed over lower scoring applicants.If you have any questions, please call. Thank you. 

 Job Announcement (Listing)

4GCA §6205.  Recruitment Above-Step.Step 1 of the Pay Grade assigned to a classified position shall be the regular rate for initial employment in any department or agency.  The appointing authority, or the head of an agency, department or public corporation listed in 4 GCA §4105(a) may petition the Director of Administration, the Judicial Council (as to Judicial Branch employment) or the agency, department or public corporation’s governing board or commission (as to an agency, department or public corporation listed in 4 GCA §4105(a)) for recruitment at a higher step not to exceed Step 10, because of documented recruitment difficulty or exceptional qualifications.  The petition shall be posted on the agency’s website for ten (10) days (Saturdays, Sundays and government of Guam holidays excepted).  This petition shall be made before an applicant is hired.  Every position shall be scrutinized and amply justified before being approved.  The Director of Administration, the Judicial Council and the governing board or commission (as to an agency, department or public corporation listed in 4 GCA §4105(a)) may establish policies to administer this section.  Increment schedule consisting of Steps 11 through 20 shall not be used for recruitment above-step.

Please email comments regarding Above-Step Recruitment that maybe listed below to Mr. Shane Ngata at shane.ngata@doa.guam.gov, with a “cc” copy to Mr. Michael W. Schniep at michael.schniep@doa.guam.gov.  If you wish to comment in writing, please send it to the mailing address listed on our home page and indicate “Attn: Recruitment & Testing Branch”. All comments however must be received within 10 workdays from the date posted.

No current Above-Step Recruitment at this time!

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Other Government of Guam Employment Offices
We provide the following external links to other government of Guam employment web sites to assist you in your efforts of finding employment. Again, as we have indicated on our Disclaimer, which can be found on the first page of our Human Resources Division’s web page, our department is not responsible for, or can attest to the accuracy of the information on any of these web sites. If you are interested in applying for positions that you find on these web sites, please do so with the respective departments and follow their requirements. Rules, policies and procedures differ.



Michael W. Schniep, Personnel Specialist IV, email at Michael.Schniep@doa.guam.gov 475-1128/1141