Guam’s Prugråman Salåppe’ 3 Program offers a onetime cash assistance of Five Hundred Dollars ($500) per eligible household.


Applicants must meet each of the following criteria to be eligible for assistance:

1. Applicant must reside on Guam for a minimum of 6 months at the time of submitting application.

2. Must meet the gross annual income limit per household: refer to chart*

What documents are required with your application?

Identity: Driver’s License, Guam Identification Card or Passport

SSN: Social Security card for each member of the household or SS Office receipt of application for a number, government or employer issued document indicating the member’s full SSN.

Earned Income (one of the following): 2 most recent check stubs, current Employment Verification, current month filed gross receipts, 1040 Form filed/validated by Dept. of Revenue & Taxation, or income self-attestation. 

Unearned Income: Social Security, VA or Retirement Income statements. Court Order or statement from the absent parent for child support received.


For questions, email
or call (671)638-3833/3834

How do you determine household members?

A household is composed of an individual or groups of individuals living together.

1. Spouses

2. Children under 22 years of age ( includes natural, adoptive, or step-children).

3. Elderly and disabled persons.

4. Individuals who purchase food and prepare meals together for home consumption.