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Issued Bids

GSA-001-17 60 Month Lease Agreement Copier

GSA-002-17 Lease of Vehicle SUV Cross Over, 7 Passenger (Latest Model)`
GSA-002-17 Amendment #1
GSA-002-17 Amendment #2
GSA-002-17 Amendment #3

GSA-003-17 Fuel (Regular, Premium, and Diesel)
GSA-003-17 Amendment #1
GSA-003-17 Amendment #2
GSA-003-17 Amendment #3
GSA-003-17 Amendment #4
GSA-003-17 Amendment #5
GSA-003-17 Amendment #6
GSA-003-17 Amendment #7

GSA-004-17 Hydraulic Rescue Extrications Tools
GSA-004-17 Amendment #1
GSA-004-17 Amendment #2
GSA-004-17 Amendment #3
GSA-004-17 Questions received from JMI-Edison 12.05.2016
GSA-004-17 Stay of Procurement

GSA-005-17 Miscellaneous Tires
GSA-005-17 Amendment #1
 GSA-005-17 Amendment #2
GSA-005-17 Questions received from Triple J Commercial Tire Center dated 12.08.2016

GSA-006-17 Office Space Lease – CSC
GSA-006-17 Amendment #1

GSA-007-17 Property and Contents Insurance
GSA-007-17 Amendment #1
GSA-007-17 Questions received from TransPacific Insurance dated 12.06.2016
GSA-007-17 Amendment #2
GSA-007-17 Amendment #3
GSA-007-17 Notice To All Prospective Bidders

GSA-008-17 60 Month Lease Agreement Multifunctional – Copier Printer Scanner Fax

GSA-009-17 Janitorial Services
GSA-009-17 Amendment #1
GSA-009-17 Stay of Procurement
GSA-009-17 Lift of Stay of Procurement
GSA-009-17 Amendment #2

GSA-010-17 Security Guard Services
GSA-010-17 Amendment # 1
GSA-010-17 Questions received by Denanche Security 12.14.2016

GSA-011-17 New Scoreboard Installation Project for DPR Tiyan and the Guerrero Little League Fields
GSA-011-17 Amendment #1
GSA-011-17 Notice to all Bidders – Site Inspection
GSA-011-17 Amendment #2
GSA-011-17 Amendment #3
GSA-011-17 Questions received from PolyPhase Systems 01.05.2017
GSA-011-17 Amendment #4
GSA-011-17 Questions received from Americana Suppliers 1.11.2017

GSA-012-17 Paseo Baseball Stadium In-Field Re-Skinning & Renovation Project

GSA-013-17 Tools and Techniques of Operations and Maintenance of Photovoltaic Systems Training and Photovoltaic Inspector and Installer Course
GSA-013-17 Amendment #1
GSA-013-17 Amendment #2
GSA-013-17 Questions received from Polyphase System 12.27.2016 & 12.30.2016
GSA-013-17 Questions received from New Horizon 12.27.2016

GSA-014-17 Office Space Lease
 GSA-014-17 Amendment #1
GSA-014-17 Amendment #2

GSA-015-17 Tire Shredding Project – DPHSS
GSA-015-17 Amendment #1

GSA-016-17 Zika Media Campaign for DPHSS
GSA-016-17 Amendment #1

GSA-017-17 Park Renovation – Multiple Sites

GSA-018-17 To Convert Existing Entrance-Exit Doors

PAG Issued Bids

GSAPAG-001-17 Cyber Security Assessment for Port Authority of Guam
GSAPAG-001-17 Amendment #1
GSAPAG-001-17 Question & Response dated 12.13.2016

GSAPAG-002-17 Maintenance Service Contract Requirements for CCTV Surveillance Camera and Access Control Systems
GSAPAG-002-17 Amendment #1
GSAPAG-002-17 Questions & Responses by G4S dated 12.13.2016
GSAPAG-02-17 Amendment #2
GSAPAG-02-17 Notice To All Prospective Bidders-Site Visit
GSAPAG-02-17 Questions submitted by G4S 12.20.2016
GSAPAG-02-17 Amendment #3
GSAPAG-02-17 Questions submitted by Securesafe Solutions 12.30.2016
GSAPAG-02-17 Amendment #4
GSAPAG-02-17 Amendment #5

GSAPAG-003-17 Various Lubricants

GSAPAG-004-17 Safety Parts & Supplies For Forklift Trucks 5, 10, 20 Ton

GSAPAG-005-17 Safety Parts & Supplies for Yard Tractors

GSAPAG-006-17 Safety Parts & Supplies for Top Loaders

Surplus Bids

GSA-SS-001-17 Amendment #1


Bid Status

GSA-002-17 Bid Cancel due no participants.  Re-bid at a later time.

GSA-009-17 Bid not accepted; due to bid given to a non-profit organization under 5 GCA 5217


Award GSA-001-17 Xerox Corporation – CC

Award GSA-005-17 – Triple J Express & Lube, Inc. dba Triple J Commercial Tire Center – IDIQ

Award GSA-006-17 – Tanota Rentals LLC – CC

Award GSA-008-17 – Xerox Corporation – CC

Award GSA-010-17  Denanche Security – CC

Award GSA-012-17 Canton Construction Corp. – 90 Days