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GSA-003-13 Bid was cancelled bidder not meeting specs.

GSA-016-13 Bid cancelled to be re-bid.

GSA-023-13  Bid cancelled Vendor not meeting delivery requirements.

GSA-028-13  Bid Cancelled

GSA-032-13 Vendor rejected due to not meeting delivery requirements.

GSA-034-13 Bid cancelled; due to non-conformance with bid requirements. A re-bid will be conducted @ a later date.

GSA-036-13Bid cancelled; to be rebid.

GSA-037-13  Bid cancelled – vendor not meeting specs

GSA-039-13  Bid cancelled; due to non-conformance with bid requirements. A re-bid will be conducted @ a later date.

GSA-040-13  Bid cancelled; due to non-conformance with bid requirements. A re-bid will be conducted @ a later date.

GSA-041-13  Bid cancelled due to non-conformance of bid requirements. A re-bid at a later date.

GSA-044-13  Bid Cancelled due to non-conformance with bid requirements. A re-bid will be done at a later date.

GSA-047-13  Bid cancelled; due to non-conformance of bid requirement. A re-bid will be conducted @ a later date.

GSA-050-13  Bid cancelled; due to non-conformance with bid requirements. A re-bid will be conducted @ a later date.

GSA-051-13   Bid cancelled – bidder did not meet bid requirement. read more… 

GSA-053-13  Bid cancelled due to non-conformance of bid requirements. Re-bid at a later date

GSA-054-13 Cancelled – No interested bidders

GSA-059-13  Bid cancelled; to be re-bid.

GSA-061-13  Bid cancelled no interested bidders.

GSA-063-13  Bid cancelled no interested bidders.

GSA-069-13  Bid cancelled – Bidder not meeting delivery requirements. To be re-bid at a later date.

GSA-070-13  Bid Cancelled – No prospective bidders, to be re-bid at a later date.

GSA-073-13  Bid Cancelled – No prospective bidders, to be re-bid at a later date.

GSA-080-13  Bid Cancelled – No bid submittal, to be re-bid at a later date.

GSA-088-13  Bid Cancelled – No bid submittal, to be re-bid at a later date.

GSA-098-13 Cancelled – No bid submittal.

GSA-0109-13  Bid cancelled, bidder did not meet delivery requirements of 30 Days.

GSA-0112-13  Bid Cancelled and re-bid at a later date.



GSA-001-13 Office Space Lease

GSA-002-13 Office Space Lease

GSA-003-13 Trash Hauling Services / Bin Rental

GSA-004-13 Mobile Radio(s) Equipment’s with Installation

GSA-005-13 Multi-Step Bid

GSA-006-13 Computer Laptops

GSA-007-13 Office Space Lease

GSA-008-13 Office Space Lease

GSA-009-13 Emergency Recieving Home Shelter Service for DPHSS

GSA-010-13 Multifunction Color Copier/Fax/Scanner 

GSA-011-13 Food Category

GSA-012-13 Assorted Promotional Items

GSA-013-13 Sea Scan High Defination Sonar (HDS) System

GSA-014-13 60 Month Lease Agreement Multifunction Copier / Printer / Fax / Scanner

GSA-015-13 Multifunctional Copier / Printer, Scanner / Fax Machines


GSA-017-13 5.9 Liter Engine, New or Rebuilt


GSA/PAG – 001 – 13 (GSA-019-13)


GSA-021-13 Office Space Lease – MCOG (For Senior Citizens Ops)

GSA-022-13 Lease of Vehicle for a 7 Passenger Van

GSA-023-13 Misc Bus Parts

GSA-024-13 Pickup Truck 4 x 4 Crew Cab

GSA-025-13 4 x 4 Compact Utility Tractor with Rotary Cutter/Mower

GSA-026-13 Upgrade of IBM ISeries to Power 7 Model 740

GSA/PAG-002-13 Semi Hermetic Compressor/Assorted A/C Units

GSA-027-13 60 Month Lease Agreement Multifunctional Color Copier / Printer / Scanner / Fax

GSA/PAG-003-13 Assorted Air Condition Unit Parts & Supplies

GSA-028-13 Push to Talk (PTT) Radios, Base Station, and Service Options

GSA-SS-001-13 Surplus Sales

GSA-030-13 60 Month Lease Agreement for a Color Multifunction Copier Printer Scanner Fax

GSA-031-13 Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) For Geographic Information Systems Software

GSA-032-13 Executive Workstations

GSA-033-13 Miscellaneous Tactical Supplies (Re-Bid)

GSA/PAG-004-13 Workers Compensation

GSA-034-13 Three Door Sedan Compact

GSA-036-13 Congregate Meals

GSA-037-13 Tires (Tubeless) 10R x 22.5

GSA-038-13 Office Space Lease

GSA-039-13 4×4 Sports Utility Vehicle 5 Passenger – Latest Model

GSA-040-13 Pickup Truck 4 x4 Crew Cab – Latest Model 

GSA-041-13 Pickup Truck 4×2 Extended Cab Latest Model

GSA-042-13 Miscellaneous Parts for Traffic Signals

GSA-043-13 Southern Grounds Maintenance

GSA-044-13 4×4 Sports Utility 5 Passenger Latest Model


GSA-047-13 4 x 4 Sports Utility Vehicle & 4 x 4 Crew Cab Pickup

GSA-048-13 Skid Steer Loader / Thermoplastic Applicator – Latest Model

GSA-049-13 4 Door Sedan (Compact) Latest Model

GSA-050-13 15 Passenger Van – Latest Model



GSA-053-13 4 X 2 Sports Utility Vehicle Five (5) Passenger ( Latest Model)

GSA-054-13 Safe Boat

GSA-055-13 Piti Bomb Hole Preserve Pride Campaign



GSA-058-13 Outright Purchase of a Copier/Printer/Fax/Scanner & Finisher

GSA-059-13 Home Delivered Meals

GSA-060-13 60 Month Lease Agreement and Maintenance Svcs for Color Copier/Printer/Scanner/Fax

GSA-061-13 Firearm w/Accessories

GSA-062-13 Marine Outboard Engine & Svc Maintenance Contract

GSA-063-13 Justware Prosecutor Client Access License and Annual Maintenance and Support

GSA-064-13 60 Month Lease Agreement for Color Copier/Printer/Scanner/Fax

GSA 065-13 60 Month Lease Agreement For Copier/Printer/Scanner/Fax

GSA-066-13 On-Base Enterprise Software, Content Manager iSeries Conversion Service, IBM Content Man

GSA-067-13 (GSA-071-13) Manatron Software Support and Various Matrix Printers

GSA-067-13 Island Wide Park & Restroom Attendant

GSA-068-13 Chlorine Shock/Sanitizer Formula with Filteration Enhancer & Clarifier, Chlorine Tablets

GSA-069-13 Pickup Truck 4 x 4 Crew Cab (Latest Model)

GSA-070-13 Residential Group Home DMHSA Adults

GSA-072-13 Tires (Tubeless) 10R x 22.5

GSA-073-13 Computer Upgrade / Accessories Computer Tape

GSA-074-13 Hazardous Material Emergency Preparedness (HMEP) Training Course

GSA/PAG-005-13 VHF Radio Communications Consule System

GSA-075-13 Pickup Truck 4×4 Crew Cab (Latest Model)

GSA-076-13 Pickup Truck 4×2 Extended Cab (Latest Model)

GSA-077-13 Pickup Truck 4×2 Extended Cab w/ Utility Bed Box

GSA-078-13 Blade Server Enclosure; Manage Switch; Ports; and Blade Storage

GSA-079-13 Technical Support Services for Real ID Driver License Online

GSA-080-13 Workstations for the Office of the Homeland Security

GSA-081-13 Thermal Imager

GSA-082-13 Sampling & Analysis of Stormwater Run-Off for Underground Injection Control Wells/System

GSA-083-13 Fishing Aggregating Device (FAD) System;Deployment of FAD System;ect….

GSA-084-13 Document Management System

GSA-085-13 Sexually Transmitted Infections / Human Immunodeficiency Virus Prevention Service ect…

GSA-086-13 Computer System Desktop / Laptop, Tablet, and Handpunch

GSA-087-13 Office Space Lease for GCAHA

GSA/PAG-006-13 Mobile Container/Vehicle Screening System (Heavy Duty Crew Cab w/ Towing Capability)

GSA-088-13 Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and 80KVA Breaker Maintenance (Replacement and Repair)

RFP/GSA – 001 – 2013 Engineering and Other Professional Services (Turn-Key Project from Start to Fin

GSA-089-13 4 x 2 Sports Utilty Vehicle, 5 Passenger (Latest Model)

GSA-090-13 Advanced Narcotics Investigation Course, 40 Hours

GSA-090-13 Amendment 1

GSA-091-13 4 x 4 Sports Utility Vehicle 5 Passenger (Latest Model) and Mid-Size Pickup 4 x 4 Double

GSA-092-13 4 x 4 Sports Utility Vehicle 5 Passenger (Latest Model)

GSA-093-13 Hotel Venue

GSA-093-13 Amendment #1

GSA-SS-002-13 Surplus Sales

GSA-094-13 Van, 15 Passenger (Latest Model)

GSA-095-13 4 x 4 Sports Utility Vehicle, 5 Passenger (Latest Model)

GSA-096-13 Computer Software – Integrated Case Management Workforce Development System
GSA-096-13 Amendment 1
GSA-096-13 Amendment 2
GSA-096-13 Amendment 3

GSA-097-13 Police Patrol Vehicles, 2013-2014 Interceptors

GSA-098-13 Traffic Crash Reconstruction Course, 80 Hrs

GSA-099-13 Office Space Lease for Agency for Human Resources Development
GSA-099-13 Amendment 1

GSA-0100-13 Camera Equipment and Accessories

GSA-0101-13 Lease of Vehicles, 4 Dr Sedan (Compact) and Van 7 Passenger
GSA-0101-13 Amendment 1

GSA-0102-13 4×4 Sports Utility Vehicle and Pickup Truck, 4×4 Crew Cab (Latest Model)

GSA-0103-13 Relocation of Office Furniture and Equipments for the Office of the Attorney General
GSA-0103-13 Amendment 1
GSA-0103-13 Amendment 2
GSA-0103-13 Amendment 3

GSA-0104-13 Service Plan to include Printer Supplies

GSA-0105-13 Mechanical Repairs for Heavy Equipments

GSA-0106-13 Lease of Vehicles

GSA-0107-13 Firearms

GSA-0108-13 Ammunitions

GSA-0109-13 2014 Guam Directory

GSA-0110-13 4 x 4 Pickup Truck Crew Cab (Latest Model)

GSA-0111-13 3 Door Sedan (Compact)

GSA/PAG-007-13 VHF Radio Communications Console System

GSA-0112-13 Office Space Lease

GSA-0113-13 Rental Trash Bin / Containers and Pickup Services

GSA-0114-13 Print Services and Creative Production

GSA-0115-13 Workstations for the Office of Homelande Security

GSA-0116-13 School Bus Parts and Accessories

GSA-0117-13 Computers and Notebooks

GSA/PAG-008-13 500KW & 750KW Genarators (2013 Models)

GSA-0118-13 Ballistic Panels

GSA-0119-13 4 x 2 Pickup Truck, Regular Cab (Latest Model)

GSA-0120-13 4 x 2 Pickup Truck Extended Cab (Latest Model) and Five (5) Door Sedan Compact (Latest 

GSA-0121-13 Fish Tissue Analysis

GSA-0122-13 Navigation Equipment – X-ray Flourescence Field

GSA-0123-13 Candestine Laboratory Safety Certification Training

GSA-0124-13 Muti- Ethnic Dolls

GSA-0125-13 Event Management & Sponsorship to Support the Brown Tree Snake Awareness Campaign

GSA-0126-13 4 Door Sedan (Latest Model)

GSA-0127-13 Global Position System Instrument (GPS)

GSA-0128-13 Laboratory Equipment Supplies and Computer Systems

GSA-0129-13 60 Month Lease Agreement – Multifunctional Device , Color Copier / Printer/ Scanner / F

GSA-0130-13 60 Month Lease Agreement Multifunctional Color Copier / Printer / Scanner / Fax
GSA-0130-13 Amendment 1

GSA-0131-13 Desktop Computers and Laptops
GSA-0131-13 Amendment 1

GSA-0132-13 Inmate Clothing and Bedding Supplies
GSA-0132-13 Amendment 1

GSA-0133-13 Advance Narcotics Investigation Course, 40 Hours

GSA-0134-13 Traffic Crash Reconstruction Course, 80 Hours

GSA-0135-13 Data Switches, External Power Supply, Twin Axial Copper Cable, and Installation & Confi

GSA-0136-13 Mechanical Repairs for Heavy Equipment

GSA-0137-13 Cargo Van (Compact/Mini) and Pickup Truck, 4×4 Crew Cab (Latest Model)

GSA-0139-13 Air Freight Cargo Scanning X-Ray Machine

GSA-0140-13 4 Door Sedan (Latest Model)

GSA/PAG-009-13 Wokers Compensation Insurance 

GSA-0141-13 Elderly Nutrition Program, Congreate Meals

GSA-0142-13 Elderly Nutition Program, Home-Delivered Meals

GSA-143-13 Promotional Items for Educational Campaign

GSA-144-13 Develop and Produce Two (2) Multi-Language Instructional Videos for Reef

GSA-145-13 Funds Transfer & Delivery Services for DOA Treasure of Guam

GSA-146-13 Training for the System of Care and Young Adults of Transition Age
GSA -146-13 Amendment 1

GSA-147-13 Manatron GRM and Proval Plus Software Subsciption and Support
GSA-147-13 Amendment 1

GSA-148-13 Computer Desktop

GSA-0149-13 Computer Workstations and UPS (Power Supply)
GSA-149-13 Amendment 1

GSA-150-13 Blade Server Enclosure; Manage Switch; Ports; and Blade Storage

GSA-151-13 Surveillance System with IP Based CCTV Cameras

GSA-152-13 Installation of Modular Furnishing for Inarajan WIC Clinic

GSA-0153-13 60 Month Lease Agreement Multifunctional Device, Copier/Printer/Scanner/Fax

GSA-0154-13 60 Month Lease Agreement Black-and-White Multifunction Copier/Printer/Scanner/Fax

GSA-0155-13 1000IM Boat 32′ Fiberglass Hull

GSA-0156-013 Fire Alarm Transmitter System

GSA-0157-13 Lease of Vehicle Seven (7) Passenger Van

GSA-158-13 800MHz Digital/Analog Mobile Radio

GSA-161-13 Jet Ski to Include Rescue Sled Kits, Dual PWC Trailers and Service Maintenance Contract



Award GSA-001-13 – DNA

Award GSA-002-13 Fujita Property Guam, Inc.

Award GSA-004-13 – Motorola

Award GSA-006-13 Computer Laptops

Award GSA-007-13 Office Space Lease – BSP / GDDC

Award GSA-008-13 Office Space Lease – DPHSS HPL/EMS

Award GSA-009-13

Award GSA-010-13 Xerox Corp

Award GSA-011-13 Market Wholesale
Award GSA-011-13 Pacific Produce

Award GSA-012-13 American Printing
Award GSA-012-13 Horizon Pacific
Award GSA-012-13 Vernon Company

Award GSA/PAG-001-13

Award GSA-013-13

Award GSA-014-13

Award GSA-015-13 Xerox Corp

Award GSA-017-13 Mid Pac Far East, LLC

Award GSA-020-13 671 Tactical
Award GSA-020-13 MD Wholesale

Award GSA-021-13 Office Space Lease

Award GSA-022-13

Award GSA-024-13

Award GSA-025-13

Award GSA/PAG-003-13 JMI Edison
Award GSA/PAG-003-13 JWS Refrigeration

Award GSA-027-13

Award GSA-029-13

Award GSA-030-13

Award GSA-033-13

Award GSA-038-13

Award GSA-043-13 Guam Cleaning Masters

Award GSA-046-13

Award GSA-048-13

Award GSA-052-13

Award GSA-055-13

Award GSA-058-13

Award GSA-060-13

Award GSA-062-13

Award GSA-064-13

Award GSA-065-13 Xerox Corp

Award GSA-067-13

Award GSA-068-13

Award GSA-072-13 

Award GSA-074-13

Award GSA-075-13

Award GSA-076-13

Award GSA-077-13

Award GSA-079-13 Kenneth Platt
Award GSA-079-13 Screen Check

Award GSA-082-13

Award GSA-084-13

Award GSA-085-13

Award GSA-087-13

Award GSA-089-13

Award GSA-091-13 AK
Award GSA-091-13 Triple J

Award GSA-092-13

Award GSA-094-13

Award GSA-096-13 Geographic Solutions

Award GSA-099-13 Tanota Rentals, LLC

Award GSA-100-13

Award GSA-101-13

Award GSA-102-13

Award GSA-103-13

Award GSA-104-13

Award GSA-106-13

Award GSA-113-13 Pacific Waste System LLC

Award GSA-118-13

Award GSA-129-13

Award GSA-145-13

Award GSA-153-13

Award GSA-161-13 Cycles Plus, LLC
Award GSA-161-13 International Royal, Inc. dba Royal Pacific Motors Yamaha

Award GSA-169-13 Data By Design

Award GSA-170-13