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GSA/PAG-001-12 Bid cancelled – non-conformance with specs.

GSA-010-12 Bid Rejected due to Insuffient Funds.

GSA-012-12 Bid Rejected due to Grant Expired.

GSA-043-12 Bid cancelled to be rebid.

GSA-051-12 Bid cancelled to be re-bid

GSA-036-12 Cancelled – Insufficient Funds

GSA-059-12 Bid cancelled

GSA-058-12 Bid cancelled.

GSA-063-12 Bid cancelled to be rebid.

GSA-070-12 Bid cancelled – non-conformance

GSA-071-12 Bid Cancelled due to Non-Conformance with specs

GSA-072-12 Bid cancelled

GSA-076-12 Bid cancelled to be rebid

GSA-086-12 Bid cancelled to be rebid

GSA-091-12 Bid rejected due to non-conformance with specs



GSA-001-12 Security Guard Services for Mangilao/Dededo DPHSS

GSA-002-12 Ambulance

GSA-003-12 Office Space Lease – DCA

GSA-004-12 Office Space Lease – GPD

GSA-005-12 Television Commercial Airtime

GSA-006-12 Office Space Lease – CSC

GSA-007-12 Sports Utility Vehicle (5Passenger)Latest Model

GSA-008-12 2012 Mid Size Pick Up Truck





GSA-013-12 Step Down Home Lease

GSA-014-12 Sampling and Analysis of Storm Water Run-Off

GSA-015-12 60 Month Lease Agreement for Multifunction Copier

GSA-016-12 To Provide Fiber Connectivity to Existing Remote Site Fiber Connection

GSA-017-12 Full Service Maintenance for 7 Copier Machines


GSA-019-12 Preventive Maintenance & Repair for Diagnostic Equipments


GSA-021-12 Network Security Application ect…

GSA-021-12 Amendment 1

GSA-021-12 Amendment 2

GSA-021-12 Amendment 3

GSA-021-12 Amendment 4

GSA-022-12 Repair of Talofofo Gymnasium

GSA/PAG-001-12 Crew Cab 4 x 4 Heavy Duty, Dual Rear Wheel

GSA-023-12 Janitoirial Services at Rev & Tax

GSA/PAG – 002-12 60 Month Lease Agreement for Color Multifunctional System

GSA-024-12 60 Month Lease Agreement for Copier Laase Pool


GSA-026-12 60 Month Lease and 48 Month Lease Agreement for Multifunctional Copier

GSA-027-12 60 Month Lease Agreement for a Color Multifunctional System


GSA-029-12 Office Space Lease

GSA-030-12 5.9 Liter Engine New or Rebuilt

GSA-031-12 School Bus Parts & Supplies

GSA-032-12 Re-Upholstery of School Bus Seats

GSA-033-12 Dept of Parks & Rec Island Wide Parks and Restroom Cleaning

GSA-034-12 Heavy Equipment Rental (Excavator 350 HP)

GSA-SS-001-12 Surplus Bid Advertisement

GSA-035-12 DOC Food Bid

GSA-036-12 Office Space Lease

GSA-037-12 Repair Work for a 1990 Caterpillar Ten Ton Forklift


GSA-039-12 DPHSS Northern A/C Units

GSA-040-12 Full Service Maintenance for Seven (7) Copier Machines

GSA-041-12 To Provide Dark Fiber Strand and 1G Tranceivers

GSA-042-12 Rental of Trash Bins/Containers and Pick up Svcs

GSA-043-12 Marine Engine

GSA-044-12 Conversion of Cassette Audio to Digital CD or Scanning

GSA-045-12 Office Supplies & Computer Inks/Toners

GSA-046-12 Underwater Diver Propulsion Device & Assorted Accessories

GSA-047-12 Surveillance System for the Youth Correctional Facility

GSA-048-12 Develop and Erosion and Sediment Control Course and Field……

GSA-049-12 Sixty (60) Month Lease Agreement for Printers/Scanner/Copier with Fiery Controller …..

GSA-050-12 Commercial Air Time/Advertising for TV, Radio, Theaters and Mall Food Court

GSA-051-12 Sixty (60) Month Lease Agreement for Two (2) Multifunctional Digital Copiers

GSA-052-12 Lease of Vehicle 48 Months, Seven (7) Passenger Van and SUV 4WD

GSA-053-12 Recreational Boat Safety Awareness Campaign Advertising

GSA-054-12 Three (3) School Bus Engines (Cummins, International, and CAT)

GSA-055-12 Cash in Transit Service

GSA-056-12 Sixty (60) Month Lease Agreement for Multifunctional Copier Device

GSA-057-12 Traffic Signs and Supplies

GSA-058-12 Lease of Vehicle 4 x 4 SUV, 36 months 2012 Model

GSAN-059-12 Lease of Vehicle Full Size SUV 4WD

GSA-060-12 Printing of Calendars, Booklet , Cards, and Brochures

GSA-061-12 Carbon Cylinders

GSA-062-12 Sixty (60) Month Lease Agreement for a Digital Multifunctional System

GSA-063-12 Forklift (5) Ton Capacity

GSA-064-12 Development of Erosion and Sediment Control Courses and Field Material Leading to a Certi

GSA-065-12 Heavy Equipment Rental

GSA-066-12 Sixty (60) Month Lease Agreement for Color Multifuncitonal Device

GSA-067-12 Emergency Planning and Hazardous Materials Emergency Training Courses

GSA-068-12 School Bus Engines (International T444E & Cummins 5.9)

GSA-069-12 Re-Upholstery of School Bus Seats

GSA-070-12 Tough Book Computer Laptop

GSA-071-12 Laptops

GSA-072-12 Jet Skis

GSA-073-12 Sixty (60) Month Lease Agreement for a Copier/Printer/Scanner/Fax to include Maintenance

GSA-074-12 Color Copier/Printer/Fax Scanner with Full Maintenance

GSA-081-12 Pharmacy Services for DOC 

GSA-085-12 Scanning & Geo-Referencing of Historic Aerial Photographs & Data Input of Land Developmen

GSA 086-12 Baggage/Luggage Parcel Scanning XRay Machine, Air Freight Cargo Scanning XRay Machine an

GSA 087-12 Printing of “Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control Field Guide” Booklet and “Fish & Safet

GSA 088-12 Food Category 

GSA-089-12 36 Month Lease of Vehicle for 4×4 SUV 

GSA 090-12 Mobile Radio Set Up & Handheld Radios 

GSA-091-12 Emergency Planning and Hazardous Matls Emergency Training Course 

GSA 092-12 Transportation Services 

GSA 093-12 Radiation Detector 

GSA-094-12 Cold Mix Asphalt & Fast Dry Yellow Traffic Marker Paint 

GSA/PAG 004-12 Hardware Materials 

GSA-095-12 Office Space Lease for GPD Records & ID Section 

GSA-096-12 Jet Ski’s Ultra LX 3-Passenger to include Rescue Sled Kits, Dual PWC, Trailers, Service M

GSA-097-12 Fish Aggregating Device (FAD) System

GSA-098-12 FY2012 Renovation Project for Tiyan WIC Site

GSA-099-12 Lease/Rental of Vehicle

GSA-SS-003-12 GSA Surplus Sales

GSA-0100-12 4 X 4 Sports Utility Vehicle Seven Passenger – Latest Model

GSA-0101-12 4 X 4 SUV Seven Passenger – Latest Model

GSA-0102-12 48 Month Lease of Vehicle for a Seven Passenger Van

GSA 0103 12 Painting and Water Blasting Project


GSA-0104-12 School Bus Parts

GSA-0105-12 60 Months Lease Agreement Multifunctional Device (Color & Black/White) Copier/Printer/

GSA-0106-12 Fish Tissue Analysis & Water Quality Analysis

GSA-0107-12 60 Month Lease Agreement for a Multifunctional Device Copier/Printer/Scanner/Fax

GSA-0108-12 Type III Advanced SWAT Operator’s Course to include SWAT Instructors (Train-the Trainer)

GSA-0109-12 Thermal Imagers, Remote Area Lighting, ect

GSA-0110-12 Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response

GSA-0111-12 Laptops 

GSA-0112-12 Safe Boat Contractural Service to Repair & Replace Parts, Equipment and Materials on GPD

GSA-0113-12 Protech FAV MKII Tactical Platform Ballistic Vest, Magazine Pouch, 

GSA-0114-12 FY2012-2013 Maintenance for Disaster-Lan (DLAN) 

GSA-0115-12 Computer LapTops 

GSA-0116-12 School Bus (84 Passenger) 

GSA-0117-12 4×4 Sports Utility Vehicle, Seven (7) Passenger (Latest Model) 

GSA-0118-12 60 Month Lease Agreement for (1ea) Multifunctional Device, Copier/Printer/Scanner/Fax 

GSA-0119-12 Janitorial Supplies

GSA-0120-12 Fork Lift 5 Ton Diesel

GSA 0121-12 60 Month Lease Agreement (2) Multifunctional Device, Copier/Printer/Scanner/Fax 

GSA-0122-12 MICOM 1 Kilowatt (kW) High Frequency (HF) Radio Antenna Tuner 

GSA-123-12 Renovated Container to include Concrete Pedestals

GSA-0124-12 Books for the Guam Public Library

GSA/PAG-006-12 FY2013 Ins. Coverage for Port Authority of Guam 

GSA-0125-12 Access Control System for GPD Forensic Laboratory 

GSA-0126-12 Office Space Lease – (Multi-Step Bid)

GSA-0127-12 Forklift 5 Ton Diesel

GSA-0128-12 Medication 

GSA-0129-12 Pharmaceutical Supplies

GSA-0130-12 Office Supplies

GSA-0131-12 Traffic Signs and Supplies 

GSA-0132-12 4×4 Tractor with Rotary Mower (Latest Model) and Thermoplastic Applicator with Hardware 



Award GSA-001-12 Pacific Island Security Agency

Award GSA-003-12 Edward S. Terlaje

Award GSA-004-12

Award GSA-005-12

Award GSA-006-12

GSA/PAG 003-12 

Award GSA-007-12

Award GSA-008-12

Award GSA-009-12

Award GSA-013-12 Alan E. Lee & Diane L. Lee

Award GSA-019-12 JMI Edison

Award GSA-022-12 

Award GSA-026-12

Award GSA-027-12

Award GSA-035-12 Li Qun Corporation

Award GSA-039-12

Award GSA-040-12 Xerox Corporation

Award GSA-049-12

Award GSA-052-12 Triple J Enterprises, Inc.

Award GSA-056-12 

Award GSA-057-12

Award GSA-061-12

Award GSA-062-12 Xerox Corporation

Award GSA-068-12

Award GSA 069-12

Award GSA-073-12

Award GSA 077-12 

Award GSA-080-12 

Award GSA-084-12

Award GSA-085-12 

Award GSA-087-12

Award GSA-089-12

Award GSA 090-12 

Award GSA-092-12

Award GSA-093-12 

Award GSA-095-12 Fujita Property Guam, Inc.

Award GSA-096-12 

Award GSA-096-12 

Award GSA-097-12 

Award GSA-098-12

Award GSA-099-12 Nissan Motor Corp. in Guam

Award GSA-0103-12 

Award GSA-0105-12

Award GSA-0107-12

Award GSA 109-12

Award GSA-0110-12 

Award GSA-0111-12 

Award GSA-0112-12 

Award GSA-0115-12 

Award GSA-0116-12

Award GSA-117-12

Award GSA-0118-12 

Award GSA-0119-1

Award GSA-0121-12 

Award GSA-0122-12 

Award GSA-0124-12 

Award GSA-0125-12 

Award GSA-0127-12

Award GSA-0130-12 Compacific

Award GSA-0130-12 School Essentials

Award GSA-0130-12 MD Wholesale

Award GSA-0130-12 Guam Modern Office Supply

Award GSA/PAG-006-12