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To establish a Drug-Free Workplace Program within the Government of Guam, pursuant to Executive Order No. 95-29. It is the policy of the Department of Administration that effective immediately, it is unlawful to manufacture, distribute, dispense, possess or use a controlled substance in the workplace. Violation of this policy will not be tolerated. This policy applies to all Government of Guam employees in the non-autonomous agencies and departments, regardless of type of appointment, and all persons providing contractual services with the Government of Guam, and applicants tentatively selected for employment.



Drug-Free Workplace Document Downloads 
Title Last Update Size (Kb)
Consent Form 2/14/2012 52.09 Download
DFWP EAP MHSA Authorization 2/14/2012 60.56 Download
DFWP EAP MHSA Check-In Form 2/14/2012 50.93 Download
DFWP WAP Referral Form 2/14/2012 80.02 Download
Drug Test Result Contest Appeal Form 2/14/2012 87.96 Download
Drug-Free Workplace Program Operating Procedures-Part 1 7/29/2011 3,310.07 Download
Drug-Free Workplace Program Operating Procedures-Part 2 7/29/2011 6,256.27 Download
Drug-Free Workplace Program Operating Procedures-Part 3 7/29/2011 4,970.80 Download
E.O. 2005-18 Amendment to E.O. 95-29 7/28/2011 103.2 Download
E.O. 95-29 Mandatory DT as a Condition of Employment 7/28/2011 105.29 Download
General Notice 2/14/2012 43.12 Download
Individual TDP Notice 2/14/2012 80.11 Download
Post Accident Form 2/14/2012 110.03 Download
Reasonable Suspicion Form 2/14/2012 135.8 Download
Request Access to DT Records Form 2/14/2012 96.44 Download
Safe Harbor Agreement 2/14/2012 46 Download
Test Designated Position List 2/14/2012 332.5 Download
Volunteer Notice 2/14/2012 49.65 Download